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Find about the vertical and horizontal extensions of The B&W House.

TeamSPAIN looks further. Not only we intend to sell our prototype, but we can customise new units to satisfy any requirements. Please contact us at

Elegant and Sustainable!

THE BLACK & WHITE HOUSE features an exceptionally versatile floor plan, which meets all of the lifestyle needs of current and future generations.



3D Render of the house



Come on in! Open the door and feel the serenity and peacefulness of this home. Let it envelop you with a sense of warmth and comfort as it captures energy from the Sun.

This truly is a wonderful home!



One of the fotovoltaic facades



THE BLACK & WHITE HOUSE has been developed to respond to the demands of its natural and urban environments.

This House offers infinite urban possibilities wherever you are in the world, through the simple re-orienting of its solar roof.



frontal view of the house



This home is made for simple but comfortable living. The multifunctional family room can be opened out to the terrace, giving you the option of enjoying a wide space, and connecting you to the external environment.



The interior of the house exposed at SIMA



The kitchen and services are located just behind the wonderful mirrored wall, which serves to visually open the space and give the appearance of a larger home!

The kitchen is designed with efficiency in mind. The pantry provides you with abundant storage space, to help keep everything tidy, and it also houses all of your basic appliances.



3d render of the kitchen of the house



This House offers 590 sq ft (54.8 m2) of living space as a one-level home. Some of the amenities include:

  • Kitchen.
  • Complete bathroom.
  • A large Deck.
  • Laundry place.
  • Heating and air conditioning.
  • And luxury finishes.



one floor diagram of the house



WHAT?! This house can pay off your mortgage??! YES, it CAN!


You are producing solar power energy. Your home consumes the energy it requires to function properly. However, the remaining energy you produce can provide you with a profit, and you can sell that energy to the government!


In doing so, your home pays off the mortgage all by itself!



enery balance of the house



If you think the House is too small, don´t worry!


The House can expand horizontally as a single-story home by adding more modules to it. The House has been designed to work not only as a single-story home, but also as a two-story house. These growth options help us expand our target market. "Our House changes to meet your needs!"



two stores concept of the house



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