The B&W House

following the sun to Washington

The UPM's house proposal for the 2009 Solar Decathlon was inspired by the relation between the Earth and the Sun. Therefore, following the same Earth parallel we travel from Madrid to Washington DC, where we are expected at the Mall, between the US Capitol the George Washington memorial. Madrid: "follow the Sun to Washington". As you can see, we have divided our project in nine areas, that you can browse using the menu on the left, or the magic square right below.

The odd numbering that follows the themes comes from the ancient Magic Square. This mathematical combination is the unique placement of the nine numbers to add up to a total of 15 in any direction: horizontal, vertical and diagonal. It is a useful tool to brain training and the inventor Benjamin Franklin was an expert in these games. He was even able to create Magic Squares of 8x8 numbers! Enjoy!

Download the TeamSPAIN Solar Decathlon 2009 Handout! (PDF 10MB) (Download Acrobat Reader)


Communications area Architecture area Transport area
Solar roof area Engeneering area Market Viability area
Solar facades area Team area Interior space area