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key message

The current situation of the housing market faces a critical period; a turning point is required to meet the sustainable, economical and social concerns of today.


The B&W House is the solution developed by TeamSPAIN: an innovative concept of energy efficient and flexible home which relies on a tracking solar roof and self-orientating PV fašades. We offer an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technologies in an entertaining and accessible way.


The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon is an exemplary initiative, and so we state it wherever we go!


Our corporate image: ''The B&W House'' Stands for Black & White, which expresses contrast, simplicity and elegance, Orange represents solar energy flow.

Our slogan:''Madrid follows the Sun to Washington'' refers to the movement of roof of ''The B&W House'' which draws an arc from East to West, from dawn to sunset, from Madrid to Washington.

Our logo: Reflects the essence of a house with an inverted roof that orients itself to the sun :our most remarkable feature. Feel the difference!


Feel The Difference Poster



website and social networks is the repository of all the information about the project, as well as a gate to other dimensions of TeamSPAIN. Users can find details about The B&W House, contact members of the team, browse through the news, learn about the companies that cooperate with us, and take a step further into social networking.


We had more than 21,000 visits in the last month. Connecting with the public off-site is essential. To follow up The B&W House TeamSPAIN reaches out to the Web 2.0. Users. See our video collection at our Youtube account, follow our progress through Blogger and Twitter, see pictures at the Fan Site at Facebook, check the cutting edge technology of Photosynth and its virtual models, or dive in the virtual 3D world of Second Life and visit The B&W House.



3D Model at Second Life

media outreach and fundraising

Our press team evaluates the impact of ''The B&W House'' as having reached over 30 million citizens. TeamSPAlN has been featured in more than 150 hits including national newspapers, online pres, specialized architecture magazines, 15 international publications and TV and radio broadcasts. You can download press reports from the News section of this website.

Press impacts



TeamSPAIN has attended international Fairs such as BAU Munich and Ecobuild London to engage companies. We have organized over 10 events, participating actively in 2 major Fairs: SIMA Real State Fair Madrid and España Solar.
And we keep going! After the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2009, you will hear from us at events such
as the International Year of Astronomy, the 24th PV European Congress in Hamburg, the European Year of Creativity or Shanghai 2010 EXPO.



The Black and White House at SIMA


research promotion

The B&W House responds to the R&D program launched by the Universidad PolitÚcnica de Madrid. Main research groups in sustainability at ETSAM (Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid) are TISE, ABIO and INVISO.


In terms of technological innovation, the achievements of TeamSPAIN have been selected and presented at renown international congresses such as:


- European Solar Days

- City Futures 09

- International Congress of Building Research

- 24th PV European Congress Hamburg



TeamSPAIN project manager at the European Solar Days



The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon is an exemplary initiative, and so we state it wherever we go!



kids and future generations

TeamSPAIN is aware of the vital importance of interacting with the general public. Catching the attention of the future generations is our particular concern.

We have created a specific Kids section on our webslte and handout. Besides, ''The bow House'' can be explained in a fun way through Lego models, quizzes and cartoons. You are welcome to visit the kids section of this website!

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