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maximum efficiency = maximum production + minimal consumption

The concept of the House is to obtain maximum efficiency through optimal passive systems and to produce maximum solar energy by using innovative technologies.

The B&W House has specifically calculated dimensions: a maximum surface area capturing solar radiation, and a minimal conditioned surface to reduce energy consumption. By employing other renewable energies, the emission of CO2 is considerably reduced, and makes possible the highest building's energy certification.


home automation

The B&W House includes a controller to increase the energy efficiency of the total system.


The Home Automation controls the roof movement, lighting and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). The light control system uses natural light -instead of artificial light- to control the intensity of illumination and to allow the user to position the blinds however they like.


The automation system works intelligently to make life easier and safer, by problem-solving and also providing warning as it can quickly detect the presence of a fire or flood.



Automation System of The Black and White House



maximum production

The B&W House increases energy production with two innovative photovoltaic systems: a photovoltaic self-orientating roof, balanced in the center of the House, and an integrated photovoltaic system of mobile modules to capture more energy (in the spirit of our slogan ''Following the sun'').

The photovoltaic roof relies on a single central point above its center of gravity, the ball-and-socket joint. This is a stable solution and consumes little electricity.

minimum consumption and passive systems

The B&W House has been designed to achieve interior comfort, using smart-hour automation technologies. The geometrical shape of the House is compact and square in order to minimize energy losses.


The whole building is well insulated. The double roof provides a good protection against solar radiation, rain, heat and cold. The PV roof projects shadow on the thermal roof. The double fašade of the greenhouse works as an interior climate regulator: On a sunny winter day the sunlight enters the whole multifunctional room and also through the skylight. The warmth created in the greenhouse during the day will be used in the evening by opening the internal doors.


Whereas on a summer day in the night and morning we open all windows and doors to have a cross ventilation, permitting the fresh air to enter the House. Around noon, we protect the interior against the heat of the sun by closing all internal windows and doors, opening the canopy and unfolding the blinds.


Both the opaque and transparent finishes have a low thermal transmittance to achieve greater air-tightness, provide insulation and prevent temperature loss. Above the suspended ceiling, Phase Change Material panels regulate heat and cold and save energy for the HVAC system.



solar energy

We capture solar energy through the photovoltaic panels and solar thermal panels for Domestic Hot Water and under floor heating.


These are made of extruded black anodized aluminum and use the insulating properties of water. They are installed behind the PV Panels of the fašades and at the PV roof perimeter.


The energy balance is positive, as the active contributions from the PV and solar thermal panels are far above the annual needs of the House. Thus, we have achieved a design that allows users of The B&W House to consume less and produce more energy (for about six medium size houses).

active systems

- A radiant floor circuit with metal diffusers.

- A plumbing system for domestic hot water.
- A fan-coil capable of directing the treated air toward vents in the floor.

- A geothermal heat pump to cover the domestic water and heating consumptions.

Systems room of The Black and White House



geothermal energy

The geothermal heat pump supplies energy to the fancoil. In a cloudy day, it gives also support to the hot water and the under floor heating circuit. For the contest, we use temperature interchange of water mass instead of a ground drill.

Deposits of water of The Black and White House




This is a graphic of CO2 emissions of The Black and White House



CO2 emmissions of The Black and White House


energy efficiency certification

The B&W House has obtained an ''A'' classification, which is the maximum energy certification offered in Europe, similar to the LEED Platinum certification category in the United States. In the diagram below you can compare The Black and White House certification with the reference of a standard building.


Energy certification

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