solar façade

general system

Each fašade of the Black & White House is cladded with photovoltaic modules to maximize the energy captation surface of the House.

These glass-glass photovoltaic modules have Polycrystalline Silicon cells, which allow 45% of the light to pass through. This fašade solution permits to optimize the captation of solar energy and also creates a shading protection for the interior spaces, a sort of lattice which has its influence in the Arabic and Mediterranean culture.


Facade solar panel


The movable PV fašade is one of the various patents of The B&W House.


The PV fašade panels move following the Sun path, as the solar roof, during the day. They always look towards the sunrays. This favorable position to the Sun improves in 21% the global solar captation of the fašades.

Movable facade patented system




The aim of the competition is to obtain the best energy balance. Day a day during a week, the produced energy is deducted from the House consumptions, to finally obtain the real energy that we are injecting to the general grid.


Our decathlets manipulate and orientate the PV panels of fašade during the competition. However, in the future these panels would be automated and connected to the automation system of the House to finally achieve a constant self-orientation of both the roof and fašades.


total energy production

The solar production of the PV facade during a single day in October depending on the weather based on the IESNA ( 14% of the total energy production of the House).


A cloudy day ( > 70% overcast and < 10.000 lux) 6,48 kWh.

A partially cloudy day (30-70% and 100,000-10,000 lux) 8,40 kwh.

A clear day ( < 30% a nd > 100,000 I ux) 12,28 kwh.

The total amount of energy produced by the House following the weather criteria are:


A cloudy day 34,55 kWh.

A partially cloudy day 44,75 kWh.

A clear day 65,46 kWh,

A clear day ( < 30% a nd > 100,000 I ux) 53.18 kWh.

self-orientating façade

Monthly solar production facade SW-S-SE: 33% benefit between fixed facade and self-orientating facade (1-2 TotaI).


The benefit of the self-orientating facade NW-W-SW respect of fixed facade is 12%.


Facade energy production


daily loss

The captured solar radiation by the PV panels is transformed into electric energy in kWh. In this transformation there are several wiring and inverter losses.



Energy loss diagram

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