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From the very beginning, we have applied the principles of Zen philosophy to the interior design of The B&W House. Calm, clear, pure, and wide open. We have achieved these qualities by designing an open, clear space with clean lines and high-quality furnishings. A meeting point between Spain and America, Madrid and Washington D.C. The B&W House reflects the exterior and its visitors on the mirror wall. Its square floor creates a meeting point between Washington and Madrid connecting the interior with the exterior National Mall. A central skylight links the multifunctional room with natural light and the stars.


Interior Space



the skylight

The skylight is the masterpiece of The B&W House: it connects the interior to the exterior, the center of gravity where the self-orientating roof is attached.

It provides natural light to the center of activity in the multifunctional area of The B&W House. For dinner or bedtime, or simply for hanging out in the living room.

It collects light indirectly and spreads it throughout the interior using translucent vinyl.



During the day, the House is designed to make as much use of natural light as possible. The adaptability of the House's basic principles (flexibility, geometry, contrast) is the key to the lighting design.

In the evening, the aim is to suit the needs of every user, making the lighting simple to use and economic, through the use of the automatic control.

We designed special lighting scenarios for dinner time, for a home cinema ambience and a fade-away lighting for sleeping.

living room

The living room configuratio

The living room configuration consists of four elegant white Barcelona Chairs designed by the architect Mies van der Rohe. A wide orange carpet improves the scene, Two sideboards right under the bas-reliefs complete the scene.


On Le Corbusier's Chaise-Longue, residents of the House can sunbathe and enjoy the fresh air beneath the sliding canopy of the southwestern terrace.


">Interior natural light




The central closet, located between the kitchen and the bathroom, has a stowaway bed. A special designed movable, multifunctional sideboard is placed here, as well (view scheme). Thanks to the attached set of wheels, you can place it wherever you like, allowing for multiple room configurations in the House.


Bedroom configuration



dining room

The living room easily transforms into a dining area by placing a very special piece of furniture in the central part. It is a cube that unfolds into a nine-square modular dining table. This piece of furniture directly evokes the theme of The B&W House. Inside this box, there is another one that contains four folding chairs. This special table also permits two "eating levels" (a low table and a 2.3 feet high table).

Interior with city map

home cinema

Interior with city map



kitchen and bathroom








The furniture is meant to integrate the architectural concepts of The B&W House, providing simplicity in the space and making the House adaptable to any living situation.


The result of this effort is the combination of a series of original movable and transformable pieces of furniture designed for the House, in addition to other elegant and modern pieces of furniture. As a symbol of brotherhood and coexistence between the cities of Madrid and Washington D.C., we have designed on the side-walls two decorative bas-reliefs that display both cities' street plans.





As a symbol of brotherhood and coexistence between the cities of Madrid and Washington D.C., we have designed on the side-wall two decorative bas-reliefs that display both cities' street plans.



Wall furniture of The Black and White House. Madrid street plan




Wall furniture of The Black and White House. Washington street plan

orbital furniture

There are no right angles in nature. In fact, if we look out into space, everything exists and moves in ellipses. Our planet orbits around the Sun following an elliptical path.

As a tribute to the union between Man and the Sun, between the Earth and the stars, we have designed a set of elliptical furniture pieces.

Orbital Furniture of The Black and White House




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