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Aesthetics: ''The B&W House'' adopts a minimal zen style, ideal for a relaxing vacation home, Its practical modernity satisfies the demands of everyday life.

Furthermore, the sleek curb appeal also makes it suitable for other uses such as temporary exhibits or office spaces.

Comfort: our careful design has attended to every Ilttle detail. We have created a healthy house, adapted to the human scale. The silent systems, ensure uniform temperature distribution turning a simple winter shower into a delightful pleasure, The ergonomic workstation will make work enjoyable.

Functionality: the compact design has plenty storage space. Discover the closet: roll it out to get dressed, roll it in to tidy up the bedroom, Everything in its place!



Convenience: we have selected appliances A+ (the European highest efficiency label) appropriately sized for ecofriendly people. One intuitive control panel and you have all the house systems at your feet!


Privacy: ''The B&W House'' looks private from the outside but the interior surprisingly maximizes the visual perception towards the garden. Views and daylight are controllable by activating louvers and blinds. The bathroom offers absolute privacy, while the bedroom concept depends on the homeowners Ilfestyle: it can be coexisting with the living area or by means of moveable partitions, providing desired isolation.

Maintenance is easy and simple. Forget heavy housechores to keep everything spick and span.

Quality: our House offers a great advantage over the other prefab houses competing in the market, not only because it's much more comfortable but also because the high-quality building materials save money, increasing thermal efficiency.

Safety is extremely important. The control systems will detect and signal any failures in the House.

Thiefs out: it is possible to connect security alarms to keep an eye on the property.


Sustainability. Thanks to the quality materials and its design, the House is capable of producing equivalent energy for 6 midsize houses.

special features

Transportability: ''The B&W House'' has something no other solar house has, and that is the possibility of settling on any part of the world, The PV roof and facade can be oriented to the Sun everywhere the House is placed.



trucks transporting the B&W House

Intelligent foundation. Adapts itself to any kind of surface without having to worry about the ground level.

Sold by pieces. Our House is not just ''a House'' - the marketing concept goes above and beyond : The solar roof can be used on its own for various purposes, such as installing it on an older house to convert it into a bioclimatic house, It can also be placed on top of any structure or surface (garage, garden...) giving the customer the option of cutting energy costs.


the rooftop of the B&W House on another house


Furthermore, the modules can also be sold individually to provide a living room or bedroom expansion. A three-module set can also be purchased to double the size of your house as your family grows.


Expansions. This option makes it possible for us to target a wider market as ''The B&W House'' changes with our customers' preferences. It has been designed to function not only as a single story residence for two people, it also has the possibility to expand to a two or even three-story house.

Our House can also grow by adding modules to the sides. ''The B&W House'' can extend as much as you like: the extra modules allow you to enlarge the Iiving room, or even add an extra room with its own private bathroom, maybe even expand the kitchen... the possibilities are endless!


modules display of the B&W House

Redecorate or rearrange. Finishes and furniture are easily removeable as seen in the various arrangements of the multifunctional space of the House. Just imagine your dream house and you can have it In the blink of an eye!



Plug and play: this concept is really fascinating. We can put the House together in less than three days and the plug & play option for a solar-powered house is something we consider innovative.



3 modules of the B&W House


''The B&W House'' can really be seen as the perfect replacement for a regular house. AII you need is a tractor unit and three days. No cranes and minimal labor.

cost estimate

Adjust to your budget. Less-expensive appliances or furnishings can be selected and you will keep the House ' s appeal.

buy the house

Offered at $ 250,000



interior of the B&W House



Type: One bedroom detached house.

Year of construction: 2009 Gross constructed area: 590 sq ft (54.8 sym) Features: Fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, Furnished in modern style.

Exterior: Deck, pond and garden.

Mechanical & electrical systems: Heating: Under floor heating system.

Air conditioning: Cooling/Heating (fancoil).

Energy production: Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Panels, and Geothermal Heat Pump.

Home automation: Movable roof, lighting, heating, air conditioning,





3d view of the B&W House



further uses - electric station - "electrolinera"


Last but not least, we are proud of the development of our "Electrolinera", a practical application of the solar roof patent integrated as a station for electric cars to be charged.



the electrolinara at the European Solar Days exhibition

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