casa solar 2007

minimising impact on the environment

Solar HouseThe goal of the prototype is to unify the rationality of a design based on bioclimatic criteria aimed at favouring the characteristics of the environment with cutting-edge technological innovations.

The objective of this house is to arrive at a design which, as well as minimising its impact on the environment, achieves an optimum level of comfort in its interior.

As well as the challenges arising from the philosophy of the competition itself, the prototype will have to comply with certain necessary requirements for its transport.  It will first have to travel by boat and then road as part of its assembly and disassembly at different events.

The general configuration consists of a box which is closed on its northern side and open on the southern side using different methods of dealing with the apertures on its facades according to the orientation.  The box is covered with a plane turning 30º in respect to the horizontal, orientated towards the south and upon which the photovoltaic solar panels will be located and which will have small projections on the east, west and south facades.

from left to right: north view to casa solar, corner detail of same view and a set of interior examples ( up: west side of living room; down: bathroom, kitchen and east side of livingroom)
view of the exterior of casa solar at night, followed by  a close-up of the porch and an image of the living room
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set of perspective renders from casa solar, from left to right: south-east view, top view, west view and a north view under a south view)
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360º 3D view of the "Casa Solar 2007" project